Voltage Reducer – 48V, 36V to 12V

LBS48S1220 48VDC to 12VDC 20A 240W Step Down DC DC Converter
DC/DC converter is a voltage converter which can effectively output fixed voltage after converting input
voltage. DC/DC converters are divided into three categories: boost DC/DC converters, boost DC/DC converters and boost DC/DC converters.
Three kinds of control can be adopted according to the demand. PWM control type has high efficiency and good output voltage ripple and noise. PFM control type has the advantage of low power consumption even if it is used for a long time, especially under small load.
PFM control is implemented when PWM/PFM converts to small load, and it is automatically converted to PWM control when heavy load occurs. At present, DC-DC converters are widely used in mobile phones, MP3, digital cameras, portable media players and other products. It belongs to chopper circuit in the classification of circuit types.



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