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LBS LiFePO4 Batteries can be used on existing electric commercial and industrial vehicles currently using lead acid batteries. With 70% less weight on battery bank, you gain more power and working hours. Less charging time and no cool down required prior to recharging. Zero Maintenance during lifetime and lifetime of +3000 Cycles (charge and discharge times). Constant voltage during long hours of use, which increases performance and extends lifetime of motor and electrical system. 

Switch your commercial and industrial vehicles to our LBS LiFePO4 batteries and experience peak vehicle performance, less weight for more working time and faster charges. Take the advantage of the Battery Management System, included on every battery, that provides protection on over charging, over discharging, over heating, short circuit and a convenient LED Battery Charge Indicator.

LBS LiFePO4 Battery packs MADE IN USA by A123Systems.

Installing LBS Lithium Battery for your Commercial and Industrial Vehicles, let you focus on your own quality and productivity at work – not on battery

Commercial and Industrial Vehicles become crucial for almost every other business that depends upon the supply chain. These vehicles account for doing a bunch of tasks for you. Forklifts to unburden you heavy loads, floor scrubbers and floor sweepers to help you get rid of mess. Many more such other systems you use for different tasks. One thing that is important to take care of in almost all of them is their power to start and run several systems in the vehicle consistently.

In such a case, a good battery system becomes even more crucial after all a vehicle depends on it just how you depend on your vehicle. Let Lithium Battery Store offer you one of the best products and services available out there. LBS has years of experience in all kinds of lithium batteries while LifeP04 lithium batteries at the store are one of the best in the segment. LBS LifeP04 batteries can easily replace your traditional lead acid batteries that you were using in your existing electric, commercial and industrial vehicles.

LBS LifeP04 Lithium batteries have numerous advantages over other battery technologies be it lead acid or AGM. From any other counterparts, LBS LifeP04 Lithium batteries weigh upto 70% less without compromising on power and longer life cycle. These batteries from LBS take less charging time that makes you able to move on the go. Due to advanced technology, LifeP04 batteries don’t even need to first cool down before recharging.

Lithium batteries last for more than 5000 cycles of charge and discharge in their life while zero maintenance during their whole lifetime. LifeP04 is a lithium deep cycle battery that provides you constant voltage for long hours usage and lets you use every last ounce of power.

Lithium Ion deep cycle batteries make sure to provide steady power output for a long period that lasts almost 2 times more than lead acid batteries. This consistent power delivery of a lithium deep cycle battery increases performance and extends the lifetime of the vehicle’s motor and other electrical systems.

Switching your traditional lead acid or any other batteries with LBS LifeP04 batteries will make sure peak performance of your commercial  and industrial vehicles. LifeP04 lithium deep cycle batteries last long because of deep cycle capability providing you more working time. This LifeP04 Lithium battery takes less time using the fast LifeP04 battery charger as they recharge upto five times faster.

All LBS batteries have a built-in Battery Management System (BMS). This system provides protection from overcharging and over discharging. Additionally, the BMS calculates the remaining charge, monitors the battery’s temperature, monitors the battery’s health and safety by checking for loose connections and internal shorts.

Wide variety of Lithium batteries at LBS consists of battery packs even in different ranges according to power that your Commercial and Industrial Vehicles need. Starting from 12v 40ah to bigger battery packs of 72v 125ah, while also offering custom batteries up to 144V600AH, LBS have got you covered. LBS have Commercial and Industrial Vehicles and golf cart Lithium battery packs that range for different power such as golf cart batteries 48v, 24v, 72v and further. LBS is known for its Commercial and Industrial Vehicles and lithium golf cart batteries sale, do check them out.

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Make sure Cable lengths are the same. This is very important, because unequal wire lengths between the two batteries means they will each have different resistance in the wires. That's when the current becomes unequal between them, and basically one battery ends up doing more of the work than the other.


Do not hook up LiFePO4 batteries in series without consulting about your battery application. We want you completely hassle free. Series connections can confuse the BMS card. Even though we have upgraded BMS cards in most of our stocked batteries, please check with us to make sure the BMS card is compatible with the application you want. It is possible to make serial connections, but, it is far better to get the exact voltage battery for your application than to get to your voltage by series connections. [For example: better to get one 24V60Ah battery than two 12V 60Ah batteries to connect in series to get 24V60Ah].

Choose the best charger for your battery based on charging time you require. Go to our Battery Charger Page and view SPECS plus charging time based on battery size. All Chargers are sold with Universal Clamp charging terminal.

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