Upgrade your Fishing experience with Powerful, Reliable, Long lasting LiFePO4. 

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12v LiFePO4 Batteries


  • Solar Energy Systems - 12v Systems 

  • Trolling Motors - 12v Trolling Motors

  • Marine, RV and Trailers using 12v systems 

12V 40AH


12V 60AH


12V 100AH


12V 140AH


12V 200AH


24v LiFePO4 Batteries


  • Solar Energy Systems - 24v Systems Parallel connection and 48v in Serial connection.

  • Golf Carts and Electric vehicles - 24v systems and 48v in Serial connections.

  • Trolling Motors - 24v Single Battery

  • Mobility Scooters - 24v Single Battery 

24V 20AH

24V 40AH



24V 60AH

24V 80AH



36v LiFePO4 Batteries


  • Solar Energy Systems - 36v Single Battery or in Parallel connection. Newest 72v solar systems in Serial Connection. 

  • Golf Carts and Electric vehicles - 36v single Battery or in Parallel connection.

  • Trolling Motors - 36v Single Battery.

36V 20AH


36V 40AH


36V 60AH


48v LiFePO4 Batteries


  • Solar Energy Systems - 48v single Battery and hooked up in Parallel.

  • Golf Carts and Electric vehicles - 48v single Battery hooked up in Parallel.

  • Industrial Electric Vehicles - 48v single Battery hooked up in Parallel.

  • Trolling Motors - 48v Single Battery.

48V 20AH


48V 40AH


If you don´t find the Specific Battery below that you would like, drop us an email and we will quote the Battery(s)




Our Batteries support up to 4 Batteries in Series Connection. Although this is possible, we recommend that you get the right Voltage battery for your system (Meaning, if you have a 24V motor, get a 24V Battery instead of 2x12V. This makes the system perform better and takes away 1 possibility of failure as you don't have to connect in between 2 batteries).  Installation has to be done professionally to ensure there is balanced voltage throughout the System. If Series connection is not done properly and balanced, the Battery Management System of the batteries will get confused and system would not be functioning correctly.


We don’t mind the little extra time we spend to make sure you get exactly what you need.  Email us at info@LithiumBatteryStore.com or give us a call at +1 (941) 210-4921 if you have any questions.

Battery Chargers at Wholesale Prices!

Battery chargers specifically for each different LifePO4 lithium battery for the most efficient charging and to meet your specific needs.  Any questions are welcome through our email or phone.  Our service technicians are available to help you.

Choose the best charger for your application and if you want additional information, go to our Battery Charger Page and view specs plus charging time based on battery size.


All Chargers are sold with Universal Clamp charging terminal.  

Email or call customer service if you have any questions or doubts about specifications.




Email or call customer service if you have any questions or doubts about specifications.




All our batteries include:

  • UPGRADED Battery Management System (BMS). Twice the continuous discharge rate of competitor's normal batteries. Three times the Peak discharge in the event you need it.

  • LED Charge Indicator 

  • Nut and Bolt Terminals

  • Listed Discounted Prices include Delivery

  • PREMIUM A123 Systems AMP20 Battery Cells / Nanophosphate Battery Cells. Design, Research and Development in USA.   


Our LifePO4 batteries are tested prior to shipment. We don´t have returns. In the event you have a problem with the battery, within 2 years (assuming no customer misuse, dropping, cranking, opening), we will ship a new battery.  

Advantages and Features of our Batteries:

Best Lithium Technology:

Better lifetime, better storage capabilities, better security than Lithium ION

(Lithium ION more vulnerable

to exposion)

Most stable & Safest Lithium Technology  Does not EXPLODE

All Batteries with BMS (Battery Management System) at no extra cost.

- Overcharge protection

- Overdischarge protection

- Overheating Protection

All Batteries comes with standard LED Charge meter. Always know your charge!


2000+ Cycles at 100% and up to 5000 Cycles at 85-90%


5 to 10 times lifetime of regular batteries.  More lifetime than any other kind of lithium. 


Two times the usable energy in each charge vs normal batteries.

30% the weight of normal batteries, so you are 70% lighter on batteries.   

ISO9001 on all our manufacturing process and Quality. 

UN38.3 Certified, meaning that passes most rigorous test for air transport. Best quality battery.

- Service is our forte.  We're here to get you the right battery(s) and keep you trouble free.

- Lithium Battery Store batteries have a premium Battery Management System (2x's stronger than competitors normal BMS) which allows up to 2 times the continuous discharge rate (2C rating) and up top 3 times the Peak discharge rate (3C rating).  Only by special order from competitors can you get this feature and at a lot more money.  

Our Batteries Management System includes: 

Over Changing Protection

Over Discharge Protection

Overheating Protection

Reverse Polarity

Short Circuit

Strong Continuos Discharge



Strong Peak Discharge

72v LiFePO4 Batteries

  • Commercial and Industrial and Electric vehicles - 72v single Battery on in Parallel

72V 20AH


36V 80AH








100%  2 Year Warranty

Lifetime expectancy

of 8-10 years

No Maintenance for the entire life of battery

   Why Buy Lifepo4 Lithium? Simple!  Its absolutely the BEST battery you can buy.

What Makes our Battery the right Choice? 

  • Quality. Build under ISO9001 standards and UN38.3 safety standards. 

  • LiFePO4 Lithium batteries are the safest non explosive lithium type.

  • Without a doubt, the best Lithium rechargeable battery. Charges fast, secure and easy. 

  • Batteries fit all applications: Solar energy systems, golf carts, trolling motors, power wheelchairs, marine, military, health equipment backup, high power and commercial applications, such as forklifts.

  • Long life. Up to FIVE times of lead acid batteries. 

  • Two times the usable energy of a lead acid battery. 

  • LiFePO4 battery is far superior to Lithium ION Batteries or Lead Acid batteries. 

    • LiFePO4 batteries have a higher density than Lithium ION batteries

    • More total charge.

    • Better discharge rates. 

    • Longer lifespan. 

Built-in ‘LED’ Charge Indicator

  • All our batteries come standard with a LED Battery Charge Indicator. 

  • No need to guess how much charge you have left in your battery. 

  • LED Charge Indicator conveniently located on top of the battery where it is easy to read. 

Built-in Battery Management System (BMS)

  • Electronic Board that controls and manages the battery.

  • All our batteries come standard with BMS. 

  • BMS protects the battery from: Over-charge, short circuit, reverse polarity, insures battery is safe and charge, and increases the life expectancy.

"Make the right investment. Choose LiFePO4 Lithium over Lithium ION and Lead acid batteries."

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