Todd Stone

testimonial todd stone

I rarely leave reviews and this one may be lengthy. I feel it is important due to the lack of information on the web concerning the use of the lithium batteries in bass boats.

I researched for many months trying to get a better understanding of the lithium batteries and the pros and cons in using them in a bass boat system. I run a Ranger bass boat with all the latest and greatest accessories on it. For this review we are focusing on the 36V trolling motor battery system. I have ran a set of three lead acid batteries in series for the last 5 years to power my 36v system. I always purchase the best batteries I can in group size 31. They typically lasted up to two seasons. I tournament fish in local weekend derbies. My style is power fishing so I’m on my trolling motor a lot.

The first confusing issue in the lithium world is the price gap. I researched every major brand on the market and they vary greatly but there is little to no distinguishing difference that I can find. No proprietary special features, I think the components all come from a very limited amount of overseas suppliers. Possibly assembled in the U.S. but components from overseas. Lithium Battery Store pricing is the best. After several discussion with Allen at LBS I made the plunge and bought his 36v 40ah battery to replace my three group 31 batteries. I just returned from a 7 day trip to lake Okeechobee. Prior to running the system I was skeptical that this one 40ah battery would be able to last the day. WOW was I wrong. This thing is incredible. I had 6 full grown people in my boat and spent a lot of time standing on the trolling motor looking for bedded bass. I ran the battery for three days (total use for each day was somewhere around 3-4 hours intermittent use) without charging it as a test. I never ran out of power. It charged in less than 3 hours. Everything about the battery so far is exceptional, took over a 100lbs out of my boat too. I am never one to buy the cheapest product but after studying all of them and the assurance Allen gave me i bought his battery and it is the least expensive on the market. I couldn’t imagine what the batteries that are double the money could do any better than LBS’. This is the right battery if you’re in the market for a single battery for a 36v trolling system.