48V Lithium Batteries

The latest 48v LiFePO4battery from LBS delivers breakthrough performance and quality with an exceptional 6000 life cycles at 100% DoD, making it a reliable power source for a variety of vehicles and applications such as yachts, golf carts, off-road vehicles, electric vehicles, and solar systems. For those who need a more powerful option, the 48v 120ah lithium-ion battery is recommended. This battery provides extended power and longer hours of operation for 48v solar panels, golf carts, commercial and industrial vehicles, and other similar applications.

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Weight- and space-saving

With the 48v 120Ah LiFePO4 battery, there is no need to link three 12v 120AH lithium batteries in a series anymore. This eliminates the need for a larger battery tray and reduces the weight of your golf cart or vehicle. Besides, it is best to use appropriate 48-volt lithium golf cart batteries instead of connecting multiple batteries in a series. Our 48V 120Ah LiFePO4 battery weighs just 121.3 lbs, so it won’t weigh down your vehicle and will allow you to go fast and drive up any hill without difficulty. Plus, it measures 16.92 x 13.77 x 10.23 inches, making it more compact and easier to set up.

Built-in safety protection

All 48v LiFePo4 batteries at LBS have a built-in BMS (battery management system), a reliable electronic board that prevents load fluctuations and balances the voltage across each cell. Additionally, it protects the battery from reverse polarity, short circuits, overcharging, and over-discharging. Ultimately, the BMS ensures your battery is safe to use and charge and increases its life expectancy.

Increased safety performance

Our 48v LiFePO4 battery has a wider operating temperature range spanning 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 113 degrees Fahrenheit while charging and -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 131 degrees Fahrenheit when discharging. The high-temperature performance makes it more resilient and safer than standard lead-acid, AGM, and other lithium batteries.

Reliable lifespan

Over the 6000 life cycles of our 48V lithium batteries, you get up to 3000 cycles at over 80% at 0.5C charge and 0.5C discharge at 80% DoD. During storage, the battery discharges at less than 3-5%. That said, we recommend keeping it charged at 30-50% of its capacity if you’re storing it for an extended period.

Environmentally friendly

Lithium-iron-phosphate batteries are lead-free, making them safer and environmentally friendly. You get high-quality and reliable green energy minus contaminants, making them ideal for solar panels.


Like all batteries at LBS, the 48V LiFePO4 batteries have a four-year full replacement warranty to cover manufacturer defects within the warranty’s time frame.

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LBS ensures all 48V LiFePO batteries are suitable for your application. However, we can also provide a custom solution for you. Our experts are also ready to recommend the best batteries if you’re unsure what to get.