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Does Corona virus Outbreak Affect Lithium Battery Stores?

 23rdMar 2020, Florida, USA: Lithium Battery Store is one of the leading distributors of the most advanced generation of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries worldwide. Since the Coronavirus outbreaks have caused a slowdown in everyone’s life, LBS still supports their customers by providing lithium batteries for different applications which help to run their life more comfortably.

The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak has caused a slowdown of economic growth and harmed everyone’s life as well. China is a global manufacturing hub, that is also going through a tough time. The current scenario is going to affect the global clean energy sector, including renewable energy sources, battery energy storage, electric vehicles (EVs), and renewable heat and cooling. During this tough time, Lithium Battery Store is providing high-quality lithium batteries to its customers that help them manage their appliances at very reasonable prices.

The latest technology and advancements in LBS Lithium batteries are an excellent choice for different applications such as solar storage systems, golf carts and Electric motors, marine and trolling motors, RV vehicles, etc. The primary aim of the Lithium Battery Store is to offer the most advanced generation of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries at affordable prices. They now have a full range of 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, and 72V lithium batteries for different applications so that this COVID-19 epidemic doesn’t affect your machine’s lifecycle.

LBS tries to work with customers that needa custom battery size whenever possible.  They have created a system that you may need for any application including, solar, marine, golf cart, RVs, ATVs, mobility scooters, industrial, military-grade, and more. All the batteries are tested before shipment, and if you notice a problem with the battery, within 2 years (assuming no customer misuse, dropping, cranking, opening), they will ship a new battery without delay.

So, if you are facing problems with ordering lithium batteries near your area due to Coronavirus outbreaks, contact Lithium Battery Store. They distribute worldwide at very reasonable prices. Just dial the number (+1 (941) 210-4921) or email atinfo@lithiumbatterystore.comand get all the details of your battery. Book now!

Lithium Battery Store Offers High Performance LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries for Golf Cart

Florida, USA 16thJan 2020: Lithium Battery Store is a privately owned store, offering high-quality LiFePO4 batteries that are manufactured in China. They are distributing safest and powerful Lithium batteries worldwide for different applications, including Golf carts or electric vehicles.

In recent years, the golf cart market is growing, and people are getting advantage of its versatile performance. Golf cart technology has advanced to the point where the gas-powered batteries are not reliable for long term performance. The battery is one of the essential parts of golf carts that most often need replacement if you’re using a lead-acid battery. Lithium Battery Store is offering high-quality Lithium batteries for Golf carts and Electric vehicles that are far superior and beneficial from lead-acid batteries. With the rapid growth of lithium batteries in many high-power applications, they are now looking into the advantages of LiFePO4 cells in golf carts.

The benefits of offering LiFePO4 over lead-acid for any application are numerous. And, when it comes to golf carts and electric vehicles, there are specific benefits that make LBS LiFePO4 batteries the ideal choice. LBS gives safer, non-explosive, and lighter golf cart lithium battery packs, which contributes to more mileage on a single charge.

Also, LBS designs lithium iron phosphate batteries offer significant advantages, including improved discharge and charge efficiency, longer life span, and the ability to deep cycle while maintaining power. It’s no maintenance, and super long life makes it a valuable investment and a smart long-term solution for golf carts. Equipping lithium light-weighted battery into a golf cart enables the cart to increase its weight-to-performance ratio substantially.

LBS Lithium batteries put less strain on the environment. And take significantly less time to charge, resulting in using less energy entirely. Their Lithium golf cart batteries don’t contain toxic substances and hazardous material, whereas lead-acid batteries contain lead, which is harmful to the environment. Also, Golf carts designed for lead-acid batteries can see a significant performance boost by swapping the lead-acid battery to a lithium battery. Lithium Battery Store provides a complete line of 12, 24, 36, 48, and 72-volt batteries for Golf carts & EVs. The high performance, longer life cycle, and affordable prices of their LiFePO4 cells ensure the better safety and long life of your electric vehicles.

If you’re interested in replacing your golf cart to a lithium battery, consider buying LBS Lithium batteries. LBS LiFePO4 batteries are tested before shipment. Also, if you have a problem with the battery, within two years (assuming no customer misuse, dropping, cranking, opening), they will ship a new battery.


Lithium Battery Store Offers Environment-Friendly Technology Through Their Lifepo4 Batteries

Florida, USA 13thDec 2019: Lithium Battery Store offers the most advanced generation of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries at affordable prices. They are always looking for the eco-friendly technology advancements to make sure their customers get the best and safest battery at the best price.

Innovations in battery design are increasing the acceptability of electric vehicles among consumers. Manufacturing batteries do require energy and resources. But lithium iron phosphate batteries have several advantages over other technologies in terms of resource consumption and safety. Therefore, Lithium Battery Store provides the most advanced generation of Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries at affordable prices, well below competition prices. Their high-quality Lithium batteries have great potential to help reduce carbon emissions and make the environment safe and secure. 

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries offered by LBS has many features that make them superior to other battery technologies. Lithium iron phosphate batteries don’t contain toxic substances such as cobalt, lead, or cadmium that make it environment friendly. Along with this, some more features are listed that make the LBS LiFePO4 batteries environment friendly.

  • LiFePO4 is long-lived and tolerant of abuse that reduces both waste and the need for resources to build new batteries.
  • Like all lithium-ion batteries, charge efficiency is very high.
  • Meager internal resistance means that little energy is wasted as heat, even during high current discharge.
  • Constant voltage during discharge minimize voltage regulation losses
  • LiFePO4 batteries use more abundant and non-toxic materials that can be produced with less energy.

When all the things are considered, probably the eco-friendliest battery would be LiFePO4 provided by Lithium Battery Store. They use A123 System pouch cells to manufacture Eco friendly batteries. These LifePo4 batteries are the most secure and safest Lithium type, more than Lithium ION and other Lithium Type Batteries. These batteries not only have superior operating characteristics compared to lead-acid batteries, but they’re also far less toxic to produce and recycle.

Everyone is concerned about protecting the environment, and LBS strive to do their part to reduce pollution and resource consumption. When it comes to choosing a battery technology, lithium iron phosphate batteries are an excellent choice to enable renewable energy and to minimize the effects of resource extraction. As lithium iron phosphate batteries become more widely adopted, the benefits of this technology for the environment will continue to grow.

If you are also supporting environment-friendly batteries, then contact Lithium Battery Store. Here you can get the reliable eco-friendly LiFePO4 batteries at a reasonable price. To learn more about lithium-ion battery breakthroughs, electric vehicles, and the latest industry trends, visit the website.

About the Company:

Lithium Battery Store sells LiFePO4 deep cycle and cranking systems that are made with American cells and assembled in China. Distribution is worldwide. This is the leading company looking for the latest technology advancements to make sure that the customers get the latest and greatest, best quality battery technology at the best price. Lithium Battery Store feels pride on working with customers closely to get the exact battery they need, and it is pleasured to work with people and answer any questions about this ‘newer’ battery technology.