We know that some day we will get a return, so we want to lay out a policy so that is clear and fair. 

First of all, if there is a manufacturer’s defect, we take care of that immediately and there are no questions. 

If you open and use the battery and for some reason don’t want it, that becomes a little bit of a problem as it is almost impossible to sell a used battery.  If the battery was used and you created some problem like charging it with a Lead-Acid battery charger, we can not help you.  This will be easy for us to determine.  All batteries are tested and work fine before they leave the plant and only quality materials are used. 

So, if you want to return an item, for any reason other than a manufacturer’s defect, please email us the details and why you want to return the battery.  We will come to some kind of an agreement.  Upon approval you may return the item in the original packaging.  You will have to pay for the shipping.  Once we receive the battery, we will test the battery within a week of receiving it.  We will then notify you and send you whatever we agreed upon prior to you shipping the battery.

We’re happy to consult with you about your battery needs and if we make a mistake, we will take responsibility and ship you what you need.  Any return request will be judged on a case by case basis, but if you ordered the wrong battery without consulting us, that is your fault and problem.  We will have to try to sell your returned battery at ½ price and we will want to some compensation for our troubles. 

Please open and inspect all packages and carefully review the contents upon receipt. If the merchandise is damaged during transit or does not function properly, please inform the shipper and contact us to let us know what happened so we can help you.  Do not discard the box or any packaging materials.

If a customer wants to cancel an order before it is shipped, that I not problem.  However, to be eligible for cancellation the customer must speak by phone with us during normal business hours, and we will confirm cancel the order.  Refunds are subject to fees deduction. If the product has been shipped and a tracking number has been issued for an order it will be subject to the normal return policy and you will be responsible for shipping and a small handling charge.