Buying a 72v 40ah lithium battery—particularly a lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4)—is a good first step towards securing safe and reliable power. This versatile battery is well-suited for numerous applications such as solar energy storage, off-road vehicles, yachts, sailing, and any other scenarios requiring consistent and reliable energy. While it doesn’t require the maintenance associated with lead-acid or AGM batteries, proper handling and usage are still vital to maintain its condition and longevity. This blog provides tips and guidelines for using your lithium battery safely and effectively to ensure its maximum lifespan.

Avoid misuse and mishandling

Keep your battery away from metal, as it can get damaged if its negative and positive connections with the material. Additionally, avoid puncturing or cutting the battery and never expose it to extremely high temperatures, fire, and water. For marine applications, always keep the battery in a high-quality marine battery box.

Keep your battery in good shape

Your 72v 40ah lithium battery should come with a warranty, but take the time to know what’s covered. Most warranties won’t cover damage caused by acts of God or accidents, corrosion, freezing, fire, intense heat, moisture, water damage, tampering, or improper installation, maintenance, and charging.

Long-term storage tips

It’s relatively safe to store lithium batteries for extended periods when you won’t be using them for a long time. Just make sure they’re in a dry place and avoid storing them with metal. You should also keep them charged at 30 to 50% of their capacity and use terminal post covers to avoid short circuits.

Use an appropriate charger

When upgrading from a lead-acid battery, you might be tempted to keep its charger and use it on your new 72v 50Ah lithium battery. Unfortunately, doing this will damage the battery. Besides, lead-acid chargers won’t work well with a lithium chemistry and prevent your battery from reaching full charge safely and quickly. So, protect your investment by getting a suitable lithium battery charger.

Get batteries and chargers here

You’ll find everything you need for your 72V 50Ah lithium battery here at Lithium Battery Store, including suitable chargers to keep it in good condition. With our LiFePO4 batteries, you won’t have to worry much about their safety and lifespan because they come with a battery management system to protect them from short circuits, over-charge, reverse polarity, and over-discharging. Plus, they’re built under UN38.3 and ISO9001 standards.

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