What to expect when you receive your new Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery.

All batteries are checked prior to leaving the factory.  The first several times you charge the battery, the lithium cells will ‘balance’ themselves as they are new.  Go ahead and use the battery.  The ‘balancing’ of the lithium cells results in seeing less of a charge hours after the battery reads 100% even when you haven’t used the battery yet.   This is perfectly normal and will dissipate after several complete cycles of battery use. 


Lead-acid chargers will not work properly and will damage the battery. 

Advantages of Lithium vs AGM Lead Acid Batteries: 


Superior “Useable” Capacity: Unlike with lead acid batteries, it is considered practical to regularly use 90% or more of the rated capacity of a lithium battery bank, and occasionally more. Consider a 100 amp hour battery – if it was lead acid you would be wise to use just 30 to 50 amp hours of juice, but with lithium you could tap into 90 amp hours or more.

  • Extended Cycle Life: Expect to see 2,000 to 5,000 cycles out of a well cared for LiFePO4 battery bank, which means that a lithium ion battery bank has the potential to likely outlast your RV!  In contrast, even the best deep cycle lead acid batteries are typically only good for 500-1000 cycles.

  • Fast & Efficient Charging: LiFePO4 batteries can be “fast” charged to 100% of capacity. Unlike with lead acid, there is no need for an absorption phase to get the final 20% stored. This can save you hours of generator run time. And, if your charger is powerful enough, lithium batteries can also be charged insanely fast. If you can provide enough charging amps – you can actually fully charge a lithium ion battery just 20 minutes! But even if you don’t manage to fully top off to 100%, no worries – unlike with lead acid, a failure to regularly fully charge LFP batteries does not damage the batteries.

  • Very Little Wasted Energy: Lead acid batteries are less efficient at storing power than lithium ion batteries. Lithium batteries charge at nearly 100% efficiency, compared to the 85% efficiency of most lead acid batteries. This can be especially important when charging via solar, when you are trying to squeeze as much efficiency out of every amp as possible before the sun goes down or gets covered up by clouds.

  • This also translates to less fuel costs when running your generator to charge the batteries.

  • Fewer Placement Issues: LiFePO4 batteries do not need to be stored upright, or in a vented battery compartment. They can also fairly easily be assembled into odd shapes – an advantage if you are trying to squeeze as much power as possible into a small compartment. This is especially useful if you have an existing battery bay that is limited in size, but you want or need more capacity than lead acid is currently able to provide.

  • Little Maintenance Requirements: Lithium batteries are maintenance free. A well designed energy management system should (ideally) blance and keep bank maintenance free.

  • Peukert’s Losses & Voltage Sag Virtually Non Existent: GET THE SAME VOLTAGE ALL THE TIME. The discharge curve of lithium batteries (especially relative to lead acid) is essentially flat – meaning that a 20% charged battery will be providing nearly the same output voltage as an 80% charged battery.

  • We do not recommend using Lithium Batteries (for cranking) to start your engines.  You need the good ole-fashioned Lead-Acid or Gel Batteries for cranking power.

  • However, if you have a setarate battery or battery bank for all the other applications on your boat (A WISE IDEA), you want LifePO4 batteries.  LifePO4 technology lets you draw down your batteries over 90% compared to Lead Acid which permits maybe 50% and then they won’t start your engine(s).  Add this to 10xs the life cycles of traditional batteries and this is exactly what you want.. 




We know that some day we will get a return, so we want to lay out a policy so that is clear and fair. 

First of all, if there is a manufacturer’s defect, we take care of that immediately and there are no questions. 

If you open and use the battery and for some reason don’t want it, that becomes a little bit of a problem as it is almost impossible to sell a used battery.  If the battery was used and you created some problem like charging it with a Lead-Acid battery charger, we can not help you.  This will be easy for us to determine.  All batteries are tested and work fine before they leave the plant and only quality materials are used. 

So, if you want to return an item, for any reason other than a manufacturer’s defect, please email us the details and why you want to return the battery.  We will come to some kind of an agreement.  Upon approval you may return the item in the original packaging.  You will have to pay for the shipping.  Once we receive the battery, we will test the battery within a week of receiving it.  We will then notify you and send you whatever we agreed upon prior to you shipping the battery.

We’re happy to consult with you about your battery needs and if we make a mistake, we will take responsibility and ship you what you need.  Any return request will be judged on a case by case basis, but if you ordered the wrong battery without consulting us, that is your fault and problem.  We will have to try to sell your returned battery at ½ price and we will want to some compensation for our troubles. 

Please open and inspect all packages and carefully review the contents upon receipt. If the merchandise is damaged during transit or does not function properly, please inform the shipper and contact us to let us know what happened so we can help you.  Do not discard the box or any packaging materials.

If a customer wants to cancel an order before it is shipped, that I not problem.  However, to be eligible for cancellation the customer must speak by phone with us during normal business hours, and we will confirm cancel the order.  Refunds are subject to fees deduction. If the product has been shipped and a tracking number has been issued for an order it will be subject to the normal return policy and you will be responsible for shipping and a small handling charge.  

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